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Frozen Shoulder

Updated: Feb 14

🙌🏻Manual Osteopaths will use gentle manipulation techniques focusing on the joints and soft tissues surrounding the shoulder and spine. Mobilization techniques are used to restore the range of motion of the shoulder.

❗️Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) may result from any injury to the shoulder. The main signs and symptoms are pain, decreased range of motion, and stiffness of the joint. A patient could have additional causes that can include muscle spasms, rotator cuff tear, or weakness of the upper extremities, which could make treatment decisions more complicated. Multiple therapeutic and surgical approaches exist. Successful outcomes for adhesive capsulitis are due to timely diagnosis and effective treatment options.

✅️"The Function of Osteopathic Medicine in the Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis"✅️

...osteopathic specialist's decision was based on osteopathic principles that the body is a unit capable of self-regulation and that structure and function are reciprocally interrelated. Observation and palpation are particularly important means of uncovering information. After the first examination, the osteopathic physician diagnosed and successfully restored❗️ cervical spine mobility problems (cervical somatic dysfunctions) and relieved❗️ a trapezius muscle spasm. The patient's upper extremities gained strength after the first❗️☝🏻 treatment and she was able to dress herself (which is a task she was unable to do in over a year with continuous physical therapy treatment). FULL STORY IS HERE


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